4/13/2018 5:42:03 AM

Environment Canada's Ice Storm Weather Statement means could see power outages in our area.

Cathy Clark is the Manager for 911 & Emergency Planning for the County of Simcoe.

She says it is important to plan for such events.

One thing to remember to have 2 litres of potable water per day for every person in your home for at least a 72 hour period.

Then there is the menu...


She says it may get cold but to resist the temptation of using outdoor heating appliances inside.


Clark also recommends you fill your car, keep cash on hand as credit and debit cards may not work, and keep a radio with batteries handy.

Better yet, keep a radio that has a crank on it and does need batteries that may wear out.

You may also want to keep a deck of cards or board games on hand to keep everyone occupied in a case of a blackout.

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