5/15/2018 5:46:08 AM

A convenience store break in Stroud.

South Simcoe Police say a the front door of a corner store on Yonge Street was kicked in by two men late Friday night.

The whole thing was caught on camera.

The thieves stole a safe along with cash, lottery tickets and cigarettes

Both suspects are white males, between 16 and 20 years old slim to medium builds and between 5'10 and 6 feet tall.

The first was wearing a grey hoodie with slim fit black pants and had a black backpack and was wearing a surgical-style mask over his nose/mouth.

The second is heavier than the other, is wearing a navy blue hoodie with the hood pulled up.

Has a navy blue backpack, skinny maroon coloured pants and he was wearing black running shoes.

If you have any information on this incident you are asked to call South Simcoe Police or Crime Stoppers


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